Caravan Softoys donates to all those non-profit organization and event.

HHTH – Hockey Helps the Homeless
Homelessness can be described as inadequate housing, inadequate income and inadquate social supports. There are various reasons why an individual is homeless and it is situational. It is often a result of a number of factors versus one single cause. Most people do not choose to be homeless, and the experience is generally negative, unpleasant, stressful and distressing. At Hockey Helps the Homeless, we're working towards a future where every Canadian has a place to call home. The money raised through our fantasy hockey tournaments help to fund the work of over 40 homeless support agencies that share our goal of ending homelessness. Funds raised in your community stay in your community, providing immediate relief through shelters and survival kits, and supporting longer term needs including transitional housing projects and return-to-work training programs that help to restore the dignity and independence of homeless people.
Ordina Coeur Foundation The Ordina-Coeur Foundation aims to help children and adolescents with cancer mainly during their hospital stay. We buy and install entertainment equipment (computer with internet, TVs, blu ray, movies, hardware, video games, etc ...) to make their stay in the hospital less painful. We also visit five times a year to meet and encourage them to fight the disease. We take this opportunity to give them gifts and treats. We also have a Christmas brunch for twelve local families with children with cancer. We also get involved with our regional hospital and pay special attention to young people in our area who have cancer. Ordina-Coeur works for the well-being of our sick children.
Kurling for kids
Since its creation in 1999, Kurling for Kids has been solely dedicated to supporting the two Mother & Child hospitals in Montreal equally, namely the CHU Sainte-Justine and Montreal Children’s Hospital. Both institutions are highly renowned as well as regarded as world-class leaders in pediatric healthcare. Both have also set up foundations to leverage private funds to better achieve their mission either through the acquisition of medical equipment or the funding of special projects. Kurling for Kids has been enjoying a very solid partnership with both foundations over the past 17 years and envisions no less than continue doing so for the forseeable future.
Pro Am Gagne-Bergeron
PRO-AM Gagné-Bergeron. National Hockey League players as well as amateurs will unite for a friendly competition. Seats in either of the two teams are available. All profits will go equally to Leucan Quebec and to the Philippe Boucher foundation at Pignon Bleu
Canada Breakfast club
For 20 years, Breakfast Club of Canada has been nourishing children’s potential by making sure as many of them as possible have access to a healthy morning meal before school, in an environment that allows their self-esteem to grow and flourish. But the Club is much more than a breakfast program: we take a broader approach that promotes the core values of engagement, enrichment and empowerment, and we team up with communities and local partners to develop solutions adapted to their specific needs. Operating from coast to coast, the Breakfast Club of Canada helps feed 203,852 students every day in 1,598 schools.
Christmas Gift Baskets
For 5 years, Caravan Softoys has been helping St-Lawrence Academy and Allion Elementary making sure families who are in difficult times during the holidays, are able to add a little Christmas spirit during the holidays.