Caravan Softoys, has been a leading importer/exporter and manufacturer of quality plush toys for over 30 years with facilities in Montreal, Canada and Yangzhou, China. Coupled with our global amusement industry perspective, Caravan Softoys’ commitment to delivering a best in class experience is how we set ourselves apart from our competitors.

Why Choose Us?

We have a team of committed people who love what they do and do it a with passion for delivering quality in every aspect. Offering our customers a best in class service drives everything that we do.
We offer a broad range of product families. The flexibility of our manufacturing facilities allows us to churn out product to best address our customers’ needs and specifications.
Our manufacturing facilities give us a competitive advantage and afford us the ability to scale our output capacity required to handle the demand of the larger theme and amusement parks.
From parcels to pallets, we understand the need to get product on time – every time. If we’ve learned anything in 30 years its that your customers don’t wait and therefore neither should ours.